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Ethan Wright

"If I'm gay for any man it's Mac DeMarco"

There goes my little rockstar, The band lead of Acid Fog, and overall silly kind of guy.

Clint Schrader

"I'll kill you"

Smells like the woods, looks like bigfoot, may be 35.

Connor Cappitelli

"Good song, like a stone, stone temple pilots"

The Italian Stallion, with a gold mane and a fast blastbeat.

Mr. Producer

"I did NOT cum on a funko-pop"

Edited entirely in notepad / the Linux text editor. Clearly a masochist

Blowey Bones

"Why do I feel so... Pleasurable???"

Has a collection of 57 bucket hats... and counting.

The Cantrell Tickler

"Who you here with?"

Keep this man away from your girl, your mom, your grandma. Don't trust him around your cousins, he's kissed his own.

Stephenson Gamble

"Oh my God I'm LITERALLY gonna KMS"

Pierce the Veil. That's so kat.


"Hey guys, welcome to my vlog. I'm... 6 shots in right now, don't put this against me, I'm good"

The embodiment of pink. OMG that's so coquette.

Abb Sabb

"Ed did you break my fuking button maker?"

Sister of Ethan, Appreciates when people sing 69 songs.

E Baima

"Cripwalk the FUCKING CAR"

Ethan 2. My sweet gumdrop prince. Shows up from time to time. Impersonates the real Ethan through fanatical rambling. Something about a bomb?


"Yikes! Gore Fail"

Resident Skinhead cripple (not a nazi). Reject Modernity Vocalist. Has a heavenly Alto.

Jack Reilly

"Yeah man, It's me, Mr. J Reilly. This is gonna be a crazy backflip"

Eddie Van Halen, With that hairspray aesthetic. Romantical kinda guy.


"It's hard to think of a quote that I've said"

Mr. Producer Sibling, most notably the owner of the skin dog.

Alexis Yolcum Texas

"It's your girl, Legal-age-of-consent-pussy-muncher"

Gets more bitches than you, guaranteed.


"Michael jackson didn't get a childhood"

Transformed from Mr. Beast to Bobby Hill. Still hasn't developed photos from the conception of Acid Fog. I'm convinced that his camera doesn't even have film, he's just bluffing.

Bryan's Groupie

"Can I be in the video?"

Malibu Connoisseur, taste-tester, drinker, and lover of rain sounds.


".You should know that it is a mall toilet"

A hood classic individual. You wouldn't get it.

Skin Dog


Fleshy little critter. Only one thing on its mind at a time, and that thing is either a frisbee or a ball.



Great dog, getting a name for hurting himself. Permanent limp because he can't hold himself back.

Gremlin Dog


Little rubbery fucker. This guy's stomach is like a dry tongue. Scared of being stomped.


"Best Cat Ever" - Abb Sabb.

Grandma Cat. Lover of attention, consumer of tobacco (will chew on paper-- Money, posters, mail).

Evil spawn of satan

"Spooky is just the best" - Ash, probably. Seems like some shit she'd say.

Very not nice cat, but it's getting better at least. Mother of Ellie, daughter of Tammy, Permanent bitch face.


"oh my god Ellie is just the best cat to ever exist. There will never be another cat as great as ellie." - Ethan, out of his mind

Goblin cat. May be a tiny human. Not very cat like. Want to touch? Not allowed.

Ussy Gussy Bussy Boy, Milo

"I love Bussy!" - Mr. producer

Yeah, that's his name. He had a collar with it on it. Plump MF cat, which can sometimes be very stinky. He chill wit it doe.

Brother Tom


Do NOT mention pipe tobacco around this guy, he'll go ballistic and... you don't even want to know. Just keep a pack of menthols on you, and you won't find out.

Clarence van Jaunt


Don't even mention this piece of shit

Groupie A

"Will do anal for coke"

Man, she must really like coca-cola