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Midwest Trade Expo and Acid Fog Performance

While skaters shredded at the Centennial Park skatepark, Ethan shredded on his guitar, Connor shredded his drumsticks, and Clint shredded his fingers.

Acid Fog Live at the Depths Backyard

We were prepared for the absolute worst. We didn't think we would even make it half way through the set without the police shutting us down...

Acid Fog Featured In Activator Magazine

Activator Magazine, a local magazine in Springfield, Illinois featured Acid Fog in their September 2023 issue #63.

Release Articles

Mellow: Out Now!

Mellow, released on September 20th 2023, is a beautiful and mellow EP full of sweet and soft songs combined with heavier elements...

The Hellbent Studios Demos

The Hellbent Studio Demos have been released as a Bandcamp exclusive on July 11th, 2023. The album has 6 songs, with no title track...

Into The Fog: Out Now!

Released on April 20th, 2023, Into The Fog is an album containing seven tracks, the Title Track "Into The Fog" is the second track on the album...

Original Jam: Out Now!

Released on April 1st, 2023, Original Jam is a single containing two tracks, the Title Track "Original Jam", and "Memory Rot Nostalgia"...

Other Articles

The Acid Fog Cast

Take a peek at the members of the Acid Fog Cinematic Universe

Acid Fog Song of the Month

Click to see the current free-to-download Acid Fog song. Sometimes deep cuts, sometimes official releases

Dumb Records & Acid Fog

"Best record store" -Ethan, Dumb Records Show 7/14/2023


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