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Acid Fog Band Members Enshrouded in Fog

Acid Fog, founded in a secluded garage in Mechanicsburg, Illinois, is a band with a primary focus on doom metal, but freely dabbles in any genre, creating timeless classics. A three-piece crew with band lead Ethan Wright, Bassist Clint Schrader, and Drummer Connor Cappitelli. Inspiration from Van Halen, Mephistofeles, Primus, Electric Wizard, Acid Mammoth, Pentagram, and Nirvana, and many many others. The eclectic three combine their passion into a truly wonderful musical feast.

Acid Fog Performing Live

Performances galore. Click here to check out Acid Fog's latest, upcoming, and past performances, including notable locations such as the Sangamon County LOG fest, the Midwest trade Expo, many performances at Dumb Records of Springfield IL, some self-hosted shows, and others!

Acid Fog Old-Looking Advertisement

Ethan Wright is the man behind many of the tasteful flyers and designs assosciated with Acid Fog. Still, some of the logos were created by others for use by Acid Fog. Many flyers that come from Dumb Records shows are made courtosey of Dumb Records, but that shouldn't take away from the legenadraly gloomy and sinister concoctions that sway even the heaviest of viewers.

Acid Fog &quotGloom;" Artwork

Acid Fog's journey has just begun. Consider supporting the band in any way that you can. Everything you can do is appreciated. From their beginnings as "Gloom", to present, this is just the beginning of the new age of doom.